Challenge Activity: cont. of your own design

In this Activity, we will continue working with our previous Challenge Activity. Remember that you should attempt this activity only after you have read and studied this week's Tutorial.

Now that you have learned how to run real.exe and wrf.exe, try to run these two programs for the Challenge Activity you have been working with for the past few weeks.

These are the details you need to remember when working with this activity:

  • create a folder called WRF under your experiment directory
  • copy the WRF files you will need
  • link (to this new folder) the met_em* files you created in your design
  • edit the sections &time_control and &domains in your namelist.input file
  • In the &domains section of your namelist.input file, remember to change the max_dom option for the number of domains your are using
  • Also remember to edit the different columns in your namelist.input file according to the number of domains you have

If you have any questions, remember you can post them in our Facebook group.

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