Challenge Activity: your own design

Note: you should only attempt this activity after you have completed the Tutorial and Activities 2 and 3 this week.

So, you have now learned about how to design an experiment using WPS, which included the use of nests. We have worked with an example for Norway. Now, let's try the following challenge activity:

Challenge Activity 
Make an experiment design to model the weather/climate in the city where you come from (or any city you want to). But when you make the design, consider the following:

a) You are using Lateral Boundary Condition (LBC) data from a global model which has a horizontal resolution of 90 km. You want to run WRF with a final resolution for your city of 4 km - Do you need to use a nest or not? Or, can you downscale directly from 90 km to 4 km? 
b) If you decide to use a nest, how would you design it? Which ratio would you use and why?

c) What would be your domain centre point?

e) Which projection would you use? why?

After you have thought about these questions, try to create a namelist.wps file for your experiment. Then make a plot using plotgrids.ncl. Run geogrid.exe and visualise your results with ncview.

Required Activity: discuss your namelist.wps configuration and questions you might have on the Facebook group, you are welcome to attach a figure of your domain to the discussion.

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